Ett meddelande på engelska kom in ikväll från Ashtar command

”Well, I have spoken to you before and I will come to speak to you again, my fellow friends of ever long and lasting friendship. Between time zones we travel, before your eyes we enter, and we shall greet you, the devoted, as our cosmic fellow friendships forever. We have come forward to you on this day to proclaim the forthcoming of a new era, a new time zone on the planet of Earth.

As we speak to you today, many of you around the world may already be feeling our heavenly presence as we are rushing in to your space, your sphere of closed fellowmanship. We are addressing you direct today as we come, as we are bringing forth a substantial amount of gold and light to be placed in your hearts. Of all places, that is the most sacred one and we will give insight into why the human heart carries such fascination with it as it goes.

And so, we have come to present to you the priest and kingdom of which we come and it is a high culture we are referring to. The highest culture as you know it, yes Egypt is the name it has been given by many manlikes. And so, why have we come upon this day and what are our wishes for this party, for your future? This is how we would like to contribute. That we are the ones coming to you with sacred hidden technology and furthermore we want to establish on earth a health bringing well of vitamin. This is how we will contribute.

We who have been talking are the Ashtar command, the Ashtar force. You can look us up we have been communicating here before even if not in this exact manner. We are the ones who will bring to you many hopes and wonders for the future and also we will be with you on talks around the world of what this new world might mean to all to all to all of you. You are our light diggers you are our warriors of this new time.

We salute you and in friendship we shall come back again. You are the ones we are communicating to, from our ships we come to you in the form we are able to. You will see us visibly in the closest future of our time. You are greeted. You are saluted. You are us.”

Ashtar Command



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